Paint a Beautiful Canvas

Now I must admit that this past Tuesday has been a rough one for me. No matter what plans I made, they seemed to fall through. I became frustrated and aggravated like I usually do when things do go my way. At about two o clock in the afternoon I sat down and began to think and then it hit me, Life is a canvas that doesn’t need to be perfect. In a nutshell, what makes life beautiful is it’s imperfections. Let’s think about that for a moment. Did you plan what day you met your soul mate on the day that you did? What about the date you found your dream house? Or even your dream job? Nine times out of ten, those things might have been planned to an extent, but they almost never pan out exactly the way we think. So then comes the question, since life happens unexpectedly, what can I do to make the process less nerve wracking.


  1. Consider the outcomes- Now I must admit that I borrowed this concept from speaker and author Lucinda Bassett. When facing a situation that you are worried about or consider the outcomes. Write down the worst case scenario and the best case scenario, nine times out of ten worst case scenarios won’t happen


  1. Don’t make decisions based on fear or dread- OK so we’ve all been there. That guy you like finally calls you or that job you wanted now wants you as well, but you just aren’t feeling it anymore so you bail or don’t go with your gut.



  1. Reset your mind (and be thankful) – Thinking positive thoughts can be exhausting, simply exhausting at times but it takes a lot less energy than being negative and invites positive situations into your life.

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