Positive Quotes for Monday’s


Monday mornings can be tough. I’ve taken a look at this post a few times this morning – and not for the purpose of proofreading. It’s not even 10 a.m. and there’s toys scattered across the living room floor, oatmeal on my PJ’s and I haven’t even touched anything on my to do list(other than this blog post). If your day has started off like mine-well good luck ;). I’m just kidding, if your day has started off like mine here is a list of quotes to keep you sane.


“He who lives to see another day, lives to see another day”

Translation: Life can be filled with dread or laughter (your choice).

Quote: “Be flexible but not like the tower of Pisa”

Translation: Keep your composure, even in stressful times(eyes, eyes, everywhere and not always with good intent).


“Tell me what you eat and I will tell…

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