Why you shouldn’t be Afraid of Mercury Retrograde

If you are heavy on social media sites, then you have probably become aware that Mercury will be in retrograde until September 22nd. By definition retrograde is when a planet is moving so slow that it appears to be moving backwards. This may affect us earthlings by making it feel as if we’ve become stagnant or had a stint of bad luck.

You should be aware that while it appears Mercury is rotating backwards, it’s actually moving closer. This makes me wonder if we should be excited about the event as opposed to hiding under the covers. Solar and lunar eclipses are small blessings in themselves but it’s pretty righteous when one can say that a planet that’s actually Retrograde isn’t a onetime event either. It occurs three to four times a year and regardless of how many post I see proclaiming that I will most likely be dead at the end of it all, I probably won’t.





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