My (un-paid) Review on the Military Diet

This past weekend I decided to give the military diet a try, now I must admit that I was a little skeptical – not necessarily because of the plan, but I usually don’t do well with strict diets or diets period. Not only did I stick to this strenuous meal plan but I lost five pounds. click here for the meal plan.I’m not going to lie and say that my experience  was all unicorns and fairies. I did get hungry and I did want to give in but I thought about the light at the end of the tunnel and persevered- reaching half of my monthly weight loss goal. I don’t consider myself a marketer but if you are struggling to lose weight –especially a large amount then this is a diet that you should consider.

Pros of this diet include:

#1 No exercise required

#2 Simple foods with little prep/cooking time

#3 Tasty food options

# 4 Motivation! Motivation! Motivation!

#5 You are losing body fat, not water that your body has retained.

#7 As long as you set yourself up for success it won’t be that difficult (see tips for success at the end of this blog)


#1 Do not stay on this diet more than 3 days, you will feel lethargic starting on day four-though I read somewhere you can stay on 7, I wouldn’t recommend it.

#2 No fast food! No social eating! No stress eating!

#3 There may be foods on the plan that you don’t like

#4 Not vegan or vegetarian friendly


#1 Plan to do this diet during a weekend but be at home to not be tempted by drive- thrus and foods at social gatherings.

#2 Plan a busy day (and keep busy ) do your hair – clean the cabinets- do something, anything when you feel the urge to eat ahead of schedule(also makes the day go by faster).

#3 Get adequate rest- The more well rested you are, the less likely you are to overeat. See my weight loss tips here.

#4 If you have an illness that affects the way your body breaks down food like diabetes, chron’s disease, or acid reflux -consult your doctor before attempting this diet.

#5 Limit T.V. time because of the food advertisements, but do watch the Olympics 🙂 It can be a great motivator.

#6 Work out if you feel up to it- this will only boost the amount of calories that you burn and that’s right you guessed it, you will lose more weight!

5# Think of time consuming goals that you have accomplished in the past order to boost your willpower.

6# Eat breakfast at 10 a.m. and span your meals out four hours apart to make the day feel shorter.






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