Protect yourself During Late Night Work Out Sessions

  If you are a single Mom like myself or just plain busy- sometimes the only chance that you have to work out is at night. Let’s face it the world just isn’t as safe as it used to be-so even if you live in a neighborhood with a gym, this isn’t always the best […]

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Positive Quotes for Monday’s

Monday mornings can be tough. I’ve taken a look at this post a few times this morning – and not for the purpose of proofreading. It’s not even 10 a.m. and there’s toys scattered across the living room floor, oatmeal on my PJ’s and I haven’t even touched anything on my to do list(other than […]

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My (un-paid) Review on the Military Diet

This past weekend I decided to give the military diet a try, now I must admit that I was a little skeptical – not necessarily because of the plan, but I usually don’t do well with strict diets or diets period. Not only did I stick to this strenuous meal plan but I lost five […]

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She Dreams of Falling

She moves gracefully Dancing eloquently  through life’s storms With a white flag in her hand Waving for all to see She does not realize that she is not falling Only being lifted to be elevated higher and higher Advertisements

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To Multi-Task or to Not Multi-Task?rogermoorepoetdotcom

Writing: Task or Multi-Task? “To task or multi-task? That is the question.” In the lonely world of creative writing, be it in poetry or in prose, is it better to continue with one text until the task of writing it is thoroughly finished? Or should we flit from text to text, developing several at once […] […]

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A Thought Provoking Message

Greetings everyone and happy Friday! About two weeks ago I was watching the Republican Convention on television when I heard Ivanka Trump make a very profound statement. She said that “Women are no longer discriminated against because they are women but because they are mothers.” While with all due respect I am not s Trump supporter, […]

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