Six Signs you Worry too Much and What to Do about it



If you reading this blog and you are over the age of twenty one, then you my friend are probably stressed out- about bills, about your career, about who to vote for, your healthcare. No I’m just kidding: I’m sure not everyone is stressed out, but it is no secret that we (the United States) are living in a time where nothing is for certain and that can make you worry- worry a lot and rightfully so. Nothing is for certain in this world, not friends, not money, not cars, not clothes, not even husbands or wives, Heraclitus said it best “ The only thing that is constant in this world is change”. Well I’m going to flip that phrase and say the only things that are constant in life are change and worry or change and friends and family that worry. So what do you do with them (or yourself) and how do you know that this habit has gotten out of control?:

1. You misplaced more than one item this week.
2. You have yelled at your kids, significant other (your dog) for coming home so late, even if they told you they were coming home later than usual (or do this often).
3. You have been called controlling or are a self proclaimed control freak.
4. You contemplate taking off from work often because you feel overwhelmed (or you do).
5. You can be overly sensitive to the opinions of others.
6. You freak out about the slightest change in your schedule (just in case you weren’t sure about number three).

What to do about it:
1. Take advantage of herbal teas and products that help manage stress or anxiety .A good place to start would be Bach herbal remedies and Honey Lavender stress relief by Yogi.
2. Make a list of solutions to the problems you are worried about and DO them.
3. Cut back on caffeine, sugar, and alcohol (these are stimulants and cause your mind to go into overdrive).
4. Don’t try to “stop worrying”, you will just end up hating yourself for all of the worrying that you WILL continue to do.
5. If you feel that you have tried EVERYTHING and worrying still keeps you up at night, you may want to contact your physician to get on a long term stress management plan.


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