Bag Lady


Today I want to talk to you guys and gals about baggage or luggage if you will because some of us don’t just have carry on’s we have suitcases that surpass the carry on limit (myself included).

In the 90’s there was this popular song called bag lady, that was sang by Erykah badu.

The song highlighted the importance of not allowing your spirit to carry emotional wounds for too long.

The opening lyrics go like this:


Bag lady you gone hurt your back
Dragging all them bags like that
I guess nobody ever told you
All you must hold onto, is you, is you, is you

When I think about the opening lyrics to this song, I have to wonder if our “new technology problem” is really just a cover up for the wounds we all have. For the record, when I say our “new technology problem” I am referring to how anti-social we as a society have become and when I am talking about wounds I am talking about fear of rejection, specifically by our peers. Nowadays, it’s easier to make new friends in let’s say Boston on Facebook or twitter than it is in our own local neighborhood. I mean come on no one can be that busy and even if you are extremely busy there are still the people at your job or school that you have to interact with on a daily basis. Yet somehow we as adults might as well be living on a one man island with a Starbucks, workplace, bank and a house featuring cardboard cutouts. We walk around with our ear buds in ears even if there is no music, and I get it people can be crazy now a days but  what’s wrong with listening to a crazy person’s wo’s. So I challenge you today at least speak to the cardboard cutout at Starbucks, and maybe read a book on the train instead of listen to music you might just strike up a conversation with the person sitting nearby and find you have something in common(and be more aware of your surroundings).

Here is a link to the lyrics


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