Signs Someone is Trying to Manipulate you & and How to Deal with Them


I’m sure by now you have realized that not everyone has your best interest at heart. I know, I know it’s hard to believe that not everyone wants to give you tons of hugs and smother your face with kisses but we’ve just got to live with that. Nine  times out of ten it’s easy to spot someone who thinks they have mastered the art of deception, but sometimes there’s just that one person that you feel you should be suspicious of but aren’t sure. So here’s a list of characteristics that may hint at deception.

  1. They have a martyr personality- He or she wants to rescue you from everything all the time so you will feel like you owe them and need them more than you actually do.
  2. When you have a valid argument or have “creative discussions” they make you into the monster- After all, think of all they’ve done for you.
  3. He or she will try to trick you into doing the very thing that you’ve just argued about to prove their point. For instance saying you don’t spend enough time with them but ask you to do a bunch of errands that day so you will be too tired.
  4. After an argument they try to make things up to you and after a few days or weeks go back to the same destructive behaviors.

How to deal with them:

Call their bluff, by doing this you strip their power away. Even if they say you are crazy, it’s probably just one of those many manipulation tactics. Bottom line, trust your gut feeling and think about what it is that you have and they want and why. If they flip the script on you, you know they are a manipulator. The average person would be offended by being called such a thing.


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