My Almost Favorite Television Show


WARNING: This blog may contain ideas and thoughts that perhaps no one cares about or perhaps they do. Please note that I am in no way, shape, or form affiliated with anyone or any company’s listed in today’s  broadcast-I mean this particular post.

On last Sunday night I was browsing ShareTV and found a show called Recipe Rehab, a broadcast that does tutorials on healthier versions of   meals. I spent about an hour watching and was converted into a  fan almost instantly. During the first episode, Q&A -viewers got the opportunity to ask questions via video and have them answered on air by chef Vikki.I have to admit I was taking notes.

Some of the questions asked during Q&A were how to make almond milk, mayo alternative,a  favorite ten minute meal and what sweets she purchased at the store. I gave this particular episode,four out of five stars because  the recipes were easy to make. I deducted two points because the ten minute meal recipe included too many ingredients most of which, I couldn’t see myself eating. Click Link Below for Video

The second episode  I watched  was a remake of a loaded quesadilla, not just any quesadilla. Chef Vikki and Chef  Richard  went “toe to toe” in a challenge of re-inventing the Lowes family Beef Quesadilla with dip. Now while I’m usually a fan of Chef Vikki, I had to give her recipe two stars. She traded the tortillas for waffles, something I’m sure the family wasn’t expecting. Chef Richard received 4 stars from me as he used tortillas and a DIY version of re fried beans. The family loved it as well and decided to adopt it as their new family recipe. Click  link below for video

While I watched a few more episodes, okay one more episode- I will end my review here and let you guys watch for yourselves.Please note that these links are sometimes moved, however as of 9/21/2015 these links are effective.


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