Signs of a Scam (for brick and mortar businesses)


If you are reading this post it is likely that you believe yourself or a loved one has fallen victim to a scam, or are just looking to avoid one.  I encourage you to read this list in a quiet space and with an open mind in order to more clearly recall whether or not these things are or have actually taken place. If you are not in a quiet place or are feeling a bit overwhelmed. Print it out to read later.

  1. The hiring manager or other persons in leadership appear to be overly animated or up selling
  2. Paychecks with incorrect pay or that bounce (the employer may  promise to pay the correct amount on next payroll and never does)Photo made available through
  3. “Beating around the bush” or lack of transparency when addressing topics such as pay, job duties, and training
  4. Your peers are just as confused as you are (the biggest red flag of all)
  5. Long unpaid training’s with the promise of huge checks or bonuses
  6. Leadership seemingly not having time to address questions or concerns ie: being rushed to leave after class or simply making excuses like meetings or lunch
  7. Friends or loved ones feel this may be a scam

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