My Almost Favorite Television Show

WARNING: This blog may contain ideas and thoughts that perhaps no one cares about or perhaps they do. Please note that I am in no way, shape, or form affiliated with anyone or any company’s listed in today’s  broadcast-I mean this particular post. On last Sunday night I was browsing ShareTV and found a show called Recipe […]

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Sharing Poetry with Facebook

Hi Guys and Gals, Today I would like to blog about a Facebook Group that I started over a year ago.It is called Sharing Poetry with Facebook and is just that, a group intended to share the art of poetry with members of the Facebook community via post from authors that are well known or […]

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Signs of a Scam (for brick and mortar businesses)

If you are reading this post it is likely that you believe yourself or a loved one has fallen victim to a scam, or are just looking to avoid one.  I encourage you to read this list in a quiet space and with an open mind in order to more clearly recall whether or not […]

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