Being Quiet


For the majority of my life, people have identified me as being a quiet or shy person, and for most of my life, this has been true. In high school I was even deemed “Most Quiet”. Think I’m joking? Well I’m not. I haven’t seen my yearbook in ages but on one of those pages(probably next to the most sociable person) is my photo with the title “Most Quiet” underneath of it. Needless to say that’s not the proudest accomplishment of my life, in fact I was extremely reluctant to post this information.  I’m not trying to ruin my reputation but I wanted to share with those who may be struggling in this area. Below are some things that I have discovered about being shy over the years.

1. It’s just people!

No I’m not talking sticks and stones because words really can hurt but we are all human and am struggling with at least one insecurity. Most of us act out because we don’t want to be rejected or judged by our peers.

2. Don’t let it hinder you

I’m talking about assertiveness here. Most people have the notion that because one is  quiet  they can get away with murder. Doesn’t and shouldn’t work that way.Now I’m not saying go yell at people or pick fights  but what I am saying is be assertive, in it’s true definition.

3. Don’t make decisions based on your shyness

Now truthfully I am still working on this one as well as the third but what I am saying here is don’t disqualify yourself from achieving a goal because you think that it’s more suitable for a person that is more outgoing.

Additional Tips:

1. Quiet, shy, and introvert are words often associated with having low self-esteem, Recognize that being quiet or shy is  doesn’t necessarily mean that you dislike yourself .It just means that you feel awkward in certain social settings. Most people are shy at times.

2. I use the word don’t a lot in this blog but please realize and recognize that shyness isn’t going to dissipate overnight and really is all in your head.

3. Sometimes being overly shy can be a disorder(Social Anxiety). If you find yourself not being able to overcome this obstacle no matter what you try, professional help may be in order.

Also note that I’ve used shy, and quiet interchangeably in this blog based on most people’s perception of the words.


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