Loosing Someone Special

prod_1158235_xl_2A few weeks ago I lost someone that was very special to me. From my understanding, he had become sick and suffered from heart failure. This was extremely disheartening news because he was the first adult figure in my life that made me feel like a person as opposed to a child that needed to be seen and not heard. My Uncle was in the Army so he and his family traveled a lot but whenever my Aunt would come into town to visit he and my two cousins came along as well (with the exception of one time).Each time they came out to the house my Uncle made it a point to make me feel special by making conversation with me. The topics that we talked about were really very general but just knowing that there was someone that cared about what I was thinking and feeling was very uplifting. I recall one time when the street that I lived on had a block party and he asked me to dance, I said no because I was such a shy kid and of course because of my two left feet. But him doing so made me feel special nonetheless. There were also times when he stood up for me when no one else did.

Prior to my Uncle’s passing, I hadn’t spoken to him in about seven years. A few weeks before his death I felt the urge to reach out to my Aunt but kept putting it off because it had been so long since we had spoken. We did not stop speaking on bad terms we just sort of lost touch. I do regret not keeping in touch with the family but that isn’t something that I can take back, only change. My Uncle will be greatly missed. So I encourage you today to keep in touch with your loved ones because you never know when one’s life will end.


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