When Life Gets Hard-Drink Mantras


We all have days where things just don’t seem to go your way.  The question becomes how do you endure those days when you just want to go back to bed and start the day over again? The answer (or the answer that I use) may seem a little surprising. When I’m having a bad day I choose to live in the moment and embrace these feelings by reciting mantras to myself. A mantra is a word or phrase that one repeats over and over to themselves and is typically used for meditation purposes.  Below is a list of mantras that I use on these days (that I don’t meditate) as well as some that I just made up.

  1. God has and will provide me with all of the things that I need
  2. Of course I am worried or stressed I have… and… going on(initially heard from Lucinda Bassett)
  3. If I take care of my responsibilities today then neither will I have to think about doing it later or face the effects of not doing it today
  4. I will just take care of the things that are absolutely necessary for the day and concern myself with other things tomorrow
  5. Stay Sane

Until later, stay sane.


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