Blue Screen of Death

prod_1158235_xl_2The other day my laptop shut off and wouldn’t turn back on. Now I can’t say that it was surprising considering I’ve seen the “blue screen of death” on more than three occasions, but I continued to use it anyway. (See below for complete description on blue screen of death). Later on that night I started wondering, how many of us have seen that that very screen in friendships, places of employment, romantic relationships, and just ignored it hoping for it to go away.  This may be anything from constant excuses for being late or quite simply not showing up to events in our lives, harassment, and low pay.

The question is why do we settle? We know that so and so isn’t faithful, or that job barely covers living expenses. The answer is that because we feel like we have to. Now don’t get me wrong when you are committed to something such as a marriage or have financial obligations you shouldn’t just up and leave but what I am saying is to have a plan of action and know that you are worth it, and if you don’t think that you are worth it, until you learn to love yourself at least know that those affected by the decisions that you make are worth it. Until next time, have a great day and I will get back to you soon.

Blue Screen of Death:  This is literally a blue screen that appears on the computer prompting one to reboot and reprogram his or her laptop/computer in a last resort to salvage it.


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