Who Are You?


The other day I went to a job interview for a position in customer service, you see even though I own a business through Avon and work in the sector I  was nervous as all get up. I was confident that I could perform the job duties, but the question became would the interviewer be confident as well. The first question that I was asked, was tell me about you. I went on and on about my job history and accomplishments and after I was finished answering the question, the hiring manager replied something to the effect of tell me about yourself not what you do. I was taken aback by the question. This was about the sixth interview I had been on and no one bothered asking me this question.

On my way home, I started thinking, how often do we confuse who we are from what it is that we do or have accomplished partly due to the message that media conveys. As women (or men) I encourage you to just look around and see how the media is bombarded with messages that are designed to make you believe that your worth is tied into the roles that you play  and beauty/fashion attire. You may be a Mother, father, teacher, wife, girlfriend, husband, son, or daughter but these are all roles and that does not make you who you are. You may be more dedicated or motivated because of these roles but I would go so far as to say, in order to be a “good” mother, daughter, wife, worker, girlfriend or what have you, one needs to be free to embrace their own individuality apart from these roles. If you weren’t a mother you would still be Sue, or Mary, or Jim or whomever.  So I encourage you today to answer this question for yourselves. Who are you? If you feel so inclined reply in the comments section under this post. I will start things off by replying.


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